14 Day Challenge


Finish work 1 hour early every day with Tablet Pro.

Join the 14-Day Challenge and discover how Tablet Pro can help you finish work one hour early every day!

The Challenge allows you to take full advantage of the the 14 day free trial of Tablet Pro utility software. Tablet Pro provides the luxury of a desktop in a tablet by enhancing and enabling high speed touch features that will immediately benefit your workflow.

  • Leave your mouse at home
  • keyboard shortcuts without keyboard hassle
  • Pinch to zoom anything in Windows
  • Transparent touch keyboard
  • Convert mouse buttons to touch gestures
  • Gain enhanced control of Windows with dozens of customizable gestures
  • Convert your tablet into a professional graphics tool by using your stylus with simultaneous touch Hotkeys.

Go to the desktop with a swipe, desktop zooming capabilities, volume and brightness control, translucent keyboard and more.

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*Warning!!! The 14 Day Challenge email training is ONLY available to you for 14 Days. Then it ends. It is NOT our dedicated email subscription group for professional users, it DOES NOT include the desktop download. If you want to download the software, be kept informed of new features, updates, changes, contests or ways to get involved or promote your art with us sign up on the bottom of the home page.

Download Tablet Pro from the Windows Store now. Tablet Pro works in two parts. Tablet Pro desktop is downloaded from a link in the welcome email.