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Have a Touch Screen? You’re in the right place.

Recent changes to the hardware inside Tablet Pc’s has moved the device from a casual consumption toy, into a powerful tool.

There has been a sharp growth in the hardware, but a very limited growth in the way we are interacting with the hardware.

While desktop and laptop computers have a keyboard and mouse to provide complex and efficient input methods, the touch screen has been restricted to a “tap and touch” method.

This is extraordinarily slow.

The beauty of the Tablet Pc is its portability. It is designed to be used everywhere. Yet without revolutionizing how we interact with them they become part one of a 3 part laptop. We have not become more efficient, we have simply detached the screen, keyboard and mouse and are reassembling our old method of input in the same locations we used them before.

This is not the future. It is a chain to the past that can be unshackled.



Is there a better way to navigate Windows 10?

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Touch interaction can not be built on the same framework as our previous interaction models. We aren’t using the strengths of the Tablet Pc when we simply port our old experiences on top of the new technology.

So what is next? What is the new “keyboard and mouse”?

Tablet Pro – The New Keyboard and Mouse (2017)

With the introduction of build 16215 of Windows 10, the swipe keyboard or “shape writing” has been implemented for Tablet Pcs. This allows a single finger on one hand to input at speeds comparable to traditional keyboard input.

To make Touch Screen devices a viable tool usable with traditional programs built for keyboard and mouse required a completely new thought process. Specialized hotkey toolbars in conjunction with one of two input methods.

Pen or Virtual Trackpad input.

It is largely recognized that specialized tools provide maximum speed and efficiency. Where generic tools provide the greatest compatibility. Both are needed. But creating specialized tools for every program we use would be massively time consuming. Or would it?

Surprising to many of us, we find that most professionals use a very limited number of programs on a daily basis.  The majority using 2 to 5 programs a day for 95% of our work.

Creating a highly specialized tool can take as little as 10 minutes in our tool bar creation program called “Tablet Pro Manager”.

We are the best way to get rid of the touch interface bottleneck. Tablet Pro is the best way to enable a Tablet Pc to used without the hassle of carrying the rest of your input methods with you.


9 words You will never hear at Tablet Pro. "The screen is too tiny, I can't get anything done

Is this a viable replacement for a Wacom Cintiq? Professionals say yes.

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Tablet Pro was made with the help of professional Tablet PC users worldwide. We have been producing a new set of tools. Tools based off the work of great minds and creative thinkers. Our collaborative work is not freeware. We believe that the only way to build the ultimate tool is to put in ultimate effort from skilled professionals. We want to have the BEST tool, not the cheapest tool and we believe you do as well.

Tablet Pro when installed starts you on 14 days of a free full featured trial. During this time we recommend joining our 14 Day Challenge. The 14 Day Challenge is 7 emails spread out over the course of the free trial that will give you free video training, tips and tricks to making the most out of Tablet Pro. Then the training is done. Today is the perfect day to download Tablet Pro! You have nothing to lose, with the exception to the regret that you could have tried Tablet Pro earlier.